JumpBunch - Western New York

Sports Teacher PT WNY


Buffalo, NY


Part Time

We are looking for another really incredible person to join our team.

Our current team of coaches are an enthusiastic, committed, group with a strong connection to the community and to the kids that they work with each week. We are looking for another really incredible person to join us.

We teach sports to kids and are actively looking for someone with experience working with GROUPS of children.  You will need to pass an in depth background check, and be committed to sticking around at least 12 months. We go to where the kids are (schools, after school programs, daycare centers, birthday parties, community events etc...) so you will also need your own reliable transportation. We provide all of the equipment & lesson plans you will need to teach successfully. Our locations are all over WNY. Once assigned to a location, your schedule will stay the same every week through the end of that contract. You will be paid for training too.

Due to the nature of our business, we work "classes", not "shifts" so exact schedules vary but will generally fall between the hours of 9:00am-Noon and/or 2:00-6:00pm Monday -Friday with occasional work on Saturdays or evenings here and there (We don't work on Sunday). Schedules are "fixed flexible", which means that we can work around whatever other jobs or responsibilities you have, but once your schedule is set, it is fixed, and will not change for the duration of that class' contract. We are looking for people who have a schedule that is not expected to change for at least 1 year.

 If this sounds like the perfect job for you, apply today with a cover letter stating your availability, what makes you a "really incredible person" and why we should consider you for a position on our team

































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Company Website: www.JumpBunchWNY.com

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