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Youth Sports and Fitness Instructors Needed

JumpBunch is ranked as the #1 Childrens Fitness franchises in the country and offers mobile sports and fitness classes for children ages 15 months to 12 years old. We bring our program to where the children are; preschools, after school programs, community events, churches, birthday parties, etc.

We are all about impacting children in a positive way, through sports, fitness, and healthy habits. Kids look forward to JumpBunch all week and get so excited when they see our coaches, because they KNOW that when JumpBunch shows up, the fun is about to begin! JumpBunch is often the highlight of their week. Working with children is something we take seriously, and it's essential that you not only enjoy working with children, but that you are passionate about it.


The ideal coach MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Background check: Must pass a local, county, state and federal background checks as well as an FBI Background Check.

  • Commitment: This is part time, NOT temporary. We are looking for people who want a permanent, part time position.

  • Responsible: Is repared and ready to start classes on time at each session, keeps accurate attendance, follows company protocol

  • Professional: Neat in appearance, friendly and courteous with staff, parents, and coworkers.

  • Enthusiastic: Must enjoy working with children, and be able to communicate on their level. Outgoing and animated; able to balance silly with self control.

  • Sports background: Some sport or fitness experience is preferred, however, if you are great with children and are willing to learn, that could work.

  • Experienced: Must have experience working with groups of children.

  • Availability: M-F - Afternoon (3-6 pm) a MUST.  Additional availability a plus. Because we are scheduled per "Class" and not by the shift, 3-6 is the "window of opportunity" in which our classes are scheduled, but we may not work the whole time each day and may have different class schedules each day, but all classes will fall within that time frame.

JumpBunch of WNY is growing...FAST.. and we are actively hiring. We are looking for fantastic individuals to join our team.

 If this sounds like the perfect job for you, apply today with a cover letter stating what makes you a fantastic individual and why we should consider you for a position on our team

Job Description

Position:  Coach

The JumpBunch coach is essential to our success as an organization.  As the most visible aspect of the program, the coach represents what customers perceive our brand to be.  Listed below are the duties assigned to the JumpBunch coach and requirements to successfully perform those duties.


  • Prepares for all classes by reviewing approved lesson plans.

  • Arrives for and begins all classes on time.

  • Properly instruct children in the use of our approved curriculum and equipment.

  • Positively communicates with school directors and teachers regarding all aspects of the JumpBunch classes.

  • Monitors attendance of all registered children and insures they are present.

  • Collects payment for classes (not in all cases)

  • Wears approved uniform and presents a professional image.

  • Communicates with parents both verbally and in writing as needed to report children’s progress or difficulty.

  • Adheres to all JumpBunch policies as outlined in the Operations Manual.

  • Properly completes all requested paperwork in a timely and accurate manner.

  • Provides advance notice or coverage for any foreseen absences.

  • Provides own transportation with adequate auto insurance coverage. 

  • Brings all equipment necessary to execute weekly classes.

Job Requirements

  • Must pass a background check and/or FBI fingerprinting as required by state.

  • Successfully function as a member of a team.

  • Must be neat and well groomed.

  • Must be in good physical condition and able to bend, kneel, stoop, jump, jog, and otherwise move actively to execute a class.  Must be able to occasionally carry large amounts of equipment.

  • Should be enthusiastic and pleasant in conversation.

  • Must be able to communicate with customers ranging from young children to facility directors.

  • Must be prompt, reliable, and able to work independently with no direct supervision.

  • Should be able to follow very specific direction and routine.

  • Takes initiative to solve problems.

  • Should be flexible to work a variety of days and/or times of day.

  • Should be creative in adapting to changing classroom variables.

  • Have the ability to demonstrate sound judgment and decision-making skills.

  • Must be patient and have a desire to work with children.

  • Display an energetic demeanor and smile.

  • Possess an understanding of basic customer service skills.

  • Only need part-time employment


If this sounds like the perfect job for you, apply today with a cover letter stating what makes you a fantastic individual and why we should consider you for a position on our team






























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